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Did you know? The Pineapple

Did you know? The pineapple has been a symbol of prosperity and abundance since ye olde times. The logistics of getting a pineapple back to Jolly old England from the tropics made it a most prized item. An unspoilt pineapple was a veritable goldmine and in no time at all the opportunity was recognised.

For instance if you were having a dinner party and you wanted to create an illusion of prosperity, you would secretly contact your pineapple merchant and hire a pineapple to create an ornate centre piece for your table. Everyone would be astounded at how you could have possibly attained such a prized item. As long as the pineapple remained undamaged you could return it and the pineapple merchant who would be able to hire it out again. So as not to shatter the illusion this was all done in strict confidence. The mysterious pineapple merchants became some of the most trusted people in society. Eventually the said pineapple would ripen and it would be sold to the highest bidder to be actually eaten.

In more recent times the ornate pineapple has become a symbol of summer and life in the tropics. It has become a must have item, designer labels can’t get enough of the pineapple. It adorns Hawaiian shirts designer tee’s, hats and most importantly it sits neatly on the side of your daiquiri along with a maraschino cherry and a paper umbrella.

There is a darker side to the Pineapple and anyone who has been hard done by may be familiar with the term (I have been given the pineapple or he/she has received a right royal pineapling). I will leave you to guess where the pineapple went but let’s just say that in this case it is truly better to give than to receive.

Larry Larghooner

Surfer, Philosopher, Poet, & Artist of great note.

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