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Larry started printing his own t-shirts not long after he built his first surfboard. Of course they weren’t called streetwear or surfwear back then, maybe apparel was the word. He just wanted something comfortable with an original message. He used his original t-shirt design for many years as a surfboard logo as well, mainly for himself and a few friends, they all loved his catchy designs.

He started a t-shirt company and decided every great t-shirt brand needs a great logo the best dressed people usually have an animal of prey as their crest. After studying on this he could not find one animal that wasn’t already taken and overused.


Larry was having a chat with his sister Lilly, co-founder of the clothing business, and she reminded him of the shag that used to hang at their old wharf. He was a cranky old thing so they used to call him “Badshag”. They had a great laugh at the possibilities then Larry got to work on some simple original designs and Badshag Clothing Co was born with designer t-shirts now selling worldwide.

You can take it however you like but in a sea of good ones, it takes a bad one to stand out. So if you have ever had one, or ever been one, get one at




Lilly is Larry’s younger sister. She has surfed all her life mostly longboards and also got into water skiing, snow skiing then as it developed snowboarding. She does some slacklining to keep fit and balanced; she will give anything a crack and loves to see girls doing stuff. “Don’t just sit there watching.”
Lilly worked in the front bar of her parent’s pub in Sydney once she was old enough. The pub has gone now but it was called the Billabong. She was quicksilver behind the bar and the regulars loved her.  She was certainly very well respected and gave as good as she got. So much so that you will still hear her name mentioned occasionally even though she runs a designer t-shirt and clothing company now.

She started riding her Brother Larry’s old surfboards, following him down to the surf like the annoying little sister. It wasn’t too long before she was at least as good as him. Lilly noticed that guys always had surf tees with nice designs or pics of them doing stuff but the girls missed out, but not for long!

Lilly and Larry live near the Noosa River and still laugh about that Badshag... and how their designer t-shirt and clothing company was born from his grumpy shag antics.

Larry - badshag t-shirt & cothing company

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Factory 22 / 11B, Venture Drive, Noosaville, Queensland 4566



Mon - Fri: 0900 to 1700

By Appointment Only please with Lilly or P.T. Larry doesn't like small chat...

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